Why do people believe The Da Vinci Code is real?

Over at Jesus the Radical Pastor, John Frye asks "Why do people believe the Da Vinci code?" My take on it is that Dan Brown has followed the same formula that so successfully propogates so many urban legends. That is

Props to Randy

The Harbour's blog site has made the big time! TallSkinnyKiwi included a link to it in his most recent posting. Congrats, Randy!

I could use some education

OK. I'm reading this book called "Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire" by Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat. It's basically a retelling of Paul's letter to the Colossians, with a postmodern "slant." I haven't decided if I like it yet or not.

A very good article on the Bible and context

TheOOZE has an article entitled "THE BIBLE IS NOT A JIGSAW PUZZLE: A New Approach to the New Testament." I recommend it.
While I don't know that I agree that this is all that "new" of an approach, it does help to articulate some of the issues with the way that the Bible is (mis)handled today. Unfortunately, coming at the Bible the way the author recommends involves a lot more work that just "cherry-picking" verses to support a position.

Decision made

I've decided not to accept the role of "Jack" in "The Importance of Being Earnest." The deciding factor was really Katie's discomfort level. This is her first chance at a big role, and I don't want to get in the way by making it harder for her. The fact that I'd already sheduled to be out of town closing weekend also entered into the decision.
Surprisingly, the "Gordon factor" wasn't a part of it. I think I can deal with him as well as anybody else can.

Another conflict with the writings of John

The Daily Bible readings have moved on to 2 John today (December 6), and I've got another "issue." Specifically, 2 John 1 9-11:

Decisions, decisions

I've got a decision to make, and I need to make it quicky.
I went with Rahel to auditions for "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde at BLT. I had no intention of auditioning myself, because I was planning on being out of town the last weekend for a trip with Wendy. But, of course, Gordon ignored that and cast me anyway. So I need to decide if I'm going to accept the part or not.
In favor of the part:

  • I like Oscar Wilde
  • It's the lead (Jack)

But on the other side:

This may get me branded a heretic, but ...

I'm beginning to have "difficulties" with the writings of the disciple John. Or, rather, I'm beginning to have more articulate difficulties with his writings.
I've always been annoyed by that whole "the disciple whom Jesus loved" thing, and I never bought into the book of Revelation. But the Gospel of John was always my favorite. I'm now calling that into question as well.

Story vs Science

At the Jesus the Radical Pastor blog, John Frye has some interesting thoughts on the 'conflict' between story and science. It's not anything that Wendy hasn't been saying for a while, but it's nice to see somebody else with similar thoughts.

C.S. Lewis would oppose the "Narnia" movie?

It's been suggested here that C.S. Lewis would be upset that Narnia is being made into a live-action movie. I respectfully disagree.


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