Ch 2: The aftermath of theology - How (Not) to Speak of God

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How (Not) to Speak of God

How (Not) to Speak of God How (Not) to Speak of God by Peter Rollins, is a great book to read for those of us "old folks" who don't quite "get" this whole "postmodern" thing, specifically as it relates to the emerging movement.

Started my lessons today!

Today I had my first bass guitar lesson. I think the instructor didn't know quite what to do with me at first, since it appears I don't fit the usual pattern of somebody coming in for instruction. He seemed to expect that I had been playing around on my own with the instrument, and that he'd be focusing initially on theory. Instead, I know enough music theory to get by as a beginning player, but I've not actually used the instrument.

Cover your ears!

Well, I've taken the plunge. I've signed up at Lee College for 12 weeks of lessons in playing the bass guitar. I even had a friend offer me the indefinite loan of his spare instrument until I'm ready to buy my own (thanks, Steve.) Now it's just a matter of waiting until an instructor calls me to schedule the actual lessons.


Well, I'm back from staffing another Cursillo weekend. As usual, I'm completely exhausted, but it was a wonderful time. You can get some sense of that from the picture at the link on the right. I leave it to you to figure out which one is me. ;)

Star Trek and Monty Python - what could be better?

I found this to be wonderfully funny. Of course, I was always a fan of Star Trek and Monty Python.

Now for the real question: how many of the episodes can you identify from the clip? ;)

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Respecting others

Anyone who reads both my blog and Aaron at two or three . net will know that we're pretty much at opposite ends of the political spectrum. I'm very much a liberal, and he's a self-described conservative. But his post today entitled "What is compassion?" echos a lot of what I've been saying and thinking. Now, I'm not calling Aaron a liberal.

Self-imposed pigeonholes

Brandon at a badchristian blog has written an interesting post on identities. He writes about boxes and labels being used as a shortcut for thinking. It's a common enough thought, but he has what I found to be an intersesting twist on it. It's not so much the boxes and labels we put on others that concerns him, but the boxes and labels we put on ourselves.

BlogWatcher bugs fixed, plus a question

OK. I think I've gotten the last of the Internet Explorer related bugs taken care of in BlogWatcher, my Ajax-based rss/news reader. I've got a lot of work to do to optimize it so that it runs faster, but I'm not planning on more features at this point, and I don't know of any pending bugs. Please let me know if you encounter any.


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