Remarkable Age

This is from the video that Dustin Butler shot during the dress rehearsal of BLT's production of Titanic at Cedar Bayou Junior School on Thursday, July 26th. The song is "Remarkable Age" and I'm the gray-haired guy who starts the song. ;)

There are still two weekends left in the run of the show. Come out and see it! If you've already been, then invite your friends, and/or come back and see it again. We need your support.

iPhone: Will It Blend?

Following up on my recent video trend ...

[glumbert iphoneblend]

These guys sell the blenders they use to destroy things in these videos. I actually think it's a great marketing gimmick. How else are they going to get you to lay out $400.00 for a blender ...


This was fun to watch, one day after "i-day" ...

I especially liked the "disco ball feature (disabled for Southern Baptists)"

We're Baaack

Well, Wendy and I are back from our beach vacation on High Island. We had a good time - we did almost nothing! ;) Our typical routine was to wake up, watch the gulls and pelicans from our porch, eat some breakfast, sit on the beach for a while, snooze in the afternoon, and then watch the beach some more in the evening, including fireworks shows put on by several of our neighbors. It was very nice and relaxing. There was a lot of seaweed on the beach, but we were there more for the view than for actual swimming, so it was OK.

A new web toy

OK. I'm playing around with a new toy for my web pages. Right now, it's only on my Xanga site (and this post, of course), until I figure out a good way to fit it into my main site. And I may just delete it all together if it doesn't get any use.

Titanic carpool, anyone?

For those of you who are in the cast of Titanic ...

Given that tomorrow's rehearsal is not especially "local," I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing vehicle space. No sense all of us dragging our cars all the way there if we don't need to.

We'll just have to hope that the carpool doesn't suffer the same fate as the ship. ;)  Of course, there aren't many icebergs on Houston roads in June ...

New "Creation Museum"

The people at Ars Technica recently took a trip to the newly opened Creation Museum in Kentucky (including pictures

My role in "Titanic"

Titanic (1997 Original Broadway Cast)

The things I do for my "art"

This is a picture I took of myself after Wendy helped me to dye my hair prior to today's auditions for "Titanic" at BLT. I wanted to try the dye because I wanted to be considered as a possibility for some of the younger roles.

I don't think it was very effective, but it could have been much worse.

Disney-haters will like this one

If you think the Disney company owns the US copyright office, you'll probably enjoy this video

Better watch this before the Disney lawyers get it taken down. ;)


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