Pledges against raising taxes

I went to the website of my representative in Congress, Ted Poe, to voice my opinion on the debt ceiling issue. In the course of reviewing his stand on the issue, I found this quote in the section titled "Taxes/Federal Budget"

We're moving!

I know it's been a long time since I updated this thing. Maybe I need to try to make this a discipline to update more regularly.

Anyway, the reason for this post ...

We're moving to New Jersey!

Wendy has accepted a call to be the new Regional Presbyter for the Presbyteries of Monmouth and New Brunswick, in central New Jersey. The formal vote making it all "final and official" will be July 20th. We plan on moving out some time around Labor Day weekend.

Test post from my iPad

This is just a test post, trying out the WordPress app for my iPad. Seems to work pretty well.

Testing posting from my phone

This is just a test post from my new Google Nexus One phone.

I can't resist:

This isn't the Droid you're looking for. ;)

The dangers of high fructose corn syrup

The Lost Tribe

This weekend, Wendy and I are at the annual TNT conference, held this year in Beaumont. As a part of this festival, our theater put on an excerpt from one of the winning entries for the play writing contest, since we'll be putting on the full show some time in the next year. The play is called "The Lost Tribe" by Jeff Stolzer.

Cursillo weekend coming up

I just spent yesterday evening and most of today at training for the next Houston Presbyterian Cursillo weekend, which will be  April 14-18. I'm going to be on the music team. This will be the third time I've served on a Cursillo music team, but the first time that I'm going to be playing an instrument (bass guitar) instead of just singing. I'm somewhat nervous about it.

South Beach diet

Well, it's official. As of this morning, Wendy and I are now both on the "South Beach" diet. It felt like we were buying out Kroger's entire produce section last night. I wish we had a more convenient, better stocked produce section near by. That, or I think we need a second refrigerator to store all this stuff! I cooked the first item this morning -- something called a "Cheesy Frittata."

Looking to increase my "geek quotient"

That last video I posted got me thinking -- I think I need to "up the ante" when it comes to my geek factor. Sure, I program computers. I play World of Warcraft. At one time, I even had an official chess ranking (though not a very high one).

The Dork Anthem

Dork, and proud of it. ;)

HT Tom Cottar


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