Thoughts on the immigration "problem"

Wendy and I have been talking about the immigration controversy that's been raging recently. We both agree that the debate over guest workers vs border security really misses the point. By and large, people don't come here because they want to have their lives uprooted and their families split apart. They come because they have no choice. Addressing the root causes of economic disparity is a permanent solution, rather than the temporary patches represented in most debates.

The "Gospel of Judas"

I've just finished reading the newly released translation of The Gospel of Judas

(HT to edmund at Becoming for the link)

I'm not going to speak to the authenticity of this document, because I have far too little information (or scholarly background) to put forth any sort of informed opinion on the matter. Instead, I want to write about something that bothered me about the translation itself.

The document is very difficult to read, because there are many gaps, presumably because the source material is fragmentary. But the portions that you can follow have, for lack of a better word, a very "modern" feel. (I mean "modern" in the usual sense, as in "current," rather than it's use in the modern vs post-modern discussions). That is to say, most of the dialog that goes on wouldn't seem out of place today. My first reaction to that realization was to think to myself that this couldn't possibly be authentic. However, I rejected that, as I have no other reason to doubt the dating procedures that were done, placing this as a 4th century document.

The Muppet Matrix

Thanks to Bald Man Blogging for finding this

OYB for 4/5/06

One Year Bible Blog: April 5th readings

(This is actually false advertising, as this post is only tangentially related to today's readings)

Exciting news!

I am very excited. I just got an offer letter for a new job. It will mean

  • More money
  • Paid vacation
  • Fully paid heath/disability insurance

And, most important of all, I'll be working from home! That's two hours of commuting saved per day. Not to mention gas, etc. Plus I can set my own schedule, so I can take care of little things during the day that I could never do before.

I start the new job April 17th

Ad by UCC too controversial to air?

Mainline churches should be silent while Religious Right political leaders get to speak their mind?
Do you care?

Warning - pet peeve rant ahead | Katrina funds earmarked to pay for Neil Bush's software program

It has always bugged me when people make a charitable "gift" with strings attached. If you're still controlling it, then it's not a gift. It's a bribe. An attempt to control the "receiving" organization. If you're going to give a gift, then give it. Don't use it as bait to get what you want. Even if "all you want" is recognition.

An alternative to confrontation

Godly Leadership | CrossLeft

Godly Leadership | CrossLeft

Pilgrim at has written a post bemoaning the lack of a progressive leader who can galvanize the left into a cohesive voice against the abuses of the current administration. S/he looks somewhat longingly back to the 70s, asking what happened to the activists of days gone by.

Hoist by my own petard

(what is a "petard" anyway?)

Or "the shoe is on the other foot". Or "What goes around comes around." Whatever your favorite version of the sentiment may be. I've become the most recent example of it.


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