Hoist by my own petard

(what is a "petard" anyway?)

Or "the shoe is on the other foot". Or "What goes around comes around." Whatever your favorite version of the sentiment may be. I've become the most recent example of it.

I currently have a small role in "Sordid Lives" at Baytown Little Theater. I'm supposed to be playing a west-Texas Baptist preacher, doing a funeral. Well this northern boy never really learned to "talk Texan." I've been told my attempts sound like a cross between Georgia and British. Given that we're doing this show in Texas, there's no shortage of people to tell me how badly I'm doing the accent.

However, that's not the worst of it. Two of the other people in the show have been in shows that I've directed: Lady Windermere's Fan, by Oscar Wilde (a turn of the last century British play) and Brighton Beach Memoirs, by Neil Simon (about a family of New York Jews just before WWII). So I have a reputation with these two of harping on my east Texas actors to try to mask their accents.

They are enjoying my struggles way too much. :(




you could always really freak them out and start speaking russian.

Ya gavereesh pa-rooski oching ploha.

All I can say is wow... I'm sorry to hear about your tribulations, but I know that you shall rise above it all and be amazing. Anyway... Lady Windermere's Fan was one of the funnest shows, and the direction you gave/give was/is amazing. So... just let them know... you could've been like the people who think they are God, and been "brutal". ;-P If I'm in town, I'll try and stop in on a production of this play.