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A minor blogwatcher enhancement

I've added a minor enhancement to BlogWatcher. It's so minor, in fact, that most people probably won't even notice it. It has to do with handling dates that are way out of line.

In the old version, BlogWatcher trusted the publication date for each item. In most cases, its still does. But there are three cases where it does not any more

I'm a modern liberal

I don't normally do these quizzes, but I figured I should do this one. I appear to have come out tied between "Modern Liberal" and "Emergent/Postmodern" which seems about right.

I knew I liked this guy ;)

Alan over at "A Different Perspective" has written a comment on the Intelligent Design debate.

OYB Jan 24th

OYB for today

Genesis 48:1-49:33

The nature of sinfulness

The reading for today at the One Year Bible Blog includes Matthew 15:1-28. He calls the church leaders "onto the carpet" so to speak for so burying the word of God in rules and regulations that it's virtually unrecognisable. To me, it's very clear that he's saying that what you do is not nearly as important as why you do it.

An applicable article

I found this article in my monitoring of posts related to emerging church.

Absolute knowledge of righteousness?

Following a rather convoluted chain of links, I happend upon a post from Friday by Bob Carlton at The Corner, referring to an article in the New York Times by Charles Marsh entitled "Wayward Christian Soldiers." The key sentence here for me, at least as it relates to our recent conflict here in Baytown surrounding

Calling all divers

As of a few months ago, I am PADI certified as an "Open Water Diver." Yesterday, I got the scuba gear that I bought on eBay . So now I'm looking for some dive buddies! Wendy has no interest in learning to dive, so I'm putting out the call to those who read this (and who hopefully aren't too far away) to see if there are any other closet divers out there.

OYB for Jan 20th

Today's reading has some good stuff! Joseph finally gets a break in Genesis 41 when he is able, with God's help, to interpret Pharoah's dreams, and so ends up as Pharoah's right hand man. Mike's comments suggest that Joseph didn't put himself forward for this position, but the next thing he mentions is the picture from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." While the scripture doesn't indicate that he did so, the play certainly does.

Joseph in Egypt

Those of you who've been reading along with my comments for the Bible in a Year blog will have notice a theme. At least, I have. I seem to be caught up with the idea that Abraham's deceit and self-reliance carried through with negative consequences to Isaac, and Jacob, and Jacob's children. But, in today's reading , Joseph seems to be the remedy for that chain of sin.


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