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Joseph the dreamer

Just some fairly insignificant thoughts on the Joseph story, plus a blurb about the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Fun trivia

OK. I don't normally do these, but I have to admit that I had fun with this.

Random thoughts on today's readings

My thoughts from today's Bible readings on Jacob wrestling, Jesus' yoke, and the debate between creationism and evolution.

Yet another BlogWatcher change

I know - you're all getting tired of this.

I've added a facility to make it even easier to subscribe to feeds. There's a new link, "QuickSub" with instructions on how to add a button to your web browser to automate subscriptions. Once you've installed this button, you just need to click on it when you're on a page that interests you. As long as there are feeds available for that page, the software should hopefully pick it up and subscribe you.

Some esoteric options for BlogWatcher

There are a couple of feed options I've added for BlogWatcher that might require a little explanation. They both work with the concept of "tagged" content.

Tagging is one of the "hot" new topics in blogging. When new posts are made in a lot of software (including mine) the author can tag it with whatever keywords seem relevent to them. There are then services that allow you to search for content that has been tagged with words that interest you.

An improvement for BlogWatcher

I've made what I hope will be a big improvement in the usability of BlogWatcher. It should now be less complicated to add new subscriptions. Especially for esoteric ones like MySpace. I'm modified it so that, in many cases, you won't need to try to track down the RSS feed for the site that you want to subscribe to!

Jan 12th Bible reading

Today's readings bring up some interesting points for me.

Response to a book criticism

Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries has written up a paper critical of the book Quantum Theology: A Postmodern Apologetic by Leonard Sweet.

Jan 10th OneYearBibleBlog comments

Mike at OneYearBibleBlog asks, among other questions:

do you believe that Jesus still heals people today?


Do you believe he can?

BlogWatcher bugs fixed

As far as I know, the bugs in BlogWatcher have been resolved. So there should no longer be any issues with editing your subscriptions (that one was a really dumb mistake on my part) or with logging in from the "View" page.

Next will be work on the new features I want to implement. Thanks for your continued support.


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