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Comments on an article in "Christiantity Today"

I just finished reading an article from Christianity Today entitled "Silent Night, Merciful Night" by James Calvin Schaap. It's labeled as fiction, but I choose to ignore that point. ;) It tells the story of a professional actor who attends a church for all the wrong reasons. He's asked to do a dramatic reading for the Christmas Eve service. Go ahead and read it. I'll wait.

Appropriate Bible verse

In my "Bible in a Year" reading, today's passage seems somehow appropriate:

[Psalm 140]

A new subscription option

I've added a new option to the subscription list for BlogWatcher. (Thanks to the "other blogwatcher" for the idea.)

I have competition! ;)

I had an email waiting for me this morning about BlogWatcher. Someone else has written a similar application - he even called it BlogWatcher!!!!

He's using technology similar to what I'm using, though his focus is a bit different. Check it out if your interested. And, if you see things about his application that you like better than mine, let me know. I'm certainly open to suggestions.

An interesting perspective on the Biblical narrative

As many of you will know, I've long been a supporter of the position that the Bible is not a historical or scientific text, and that treating it as such does it a disservice. That there's a fundamental difference between "truth" and "fact."

Email and privacy

After my political diatribe, I thought it might be a good time to bring this up. ;)

As those of you who exchange email with me will know, all of my emails include an attachement that virtually none of you can read. That attachment is my digital signature, which proves (with the right software) that any email you receive from me really IS from me, and that it hasn't been altered since I sent it.

The Patriot act and privacy

The New Work Times is reporting today that President Bush authorized illegal wiretapping of US Citizens. This as Congress debates renewal of the Patriot Act.

An update to Blogwatcher's account page

As a folloup to my prior post about BlogWatcher including active user's subscription list to display lists for anonymous users:

Why do people believe The Da Vinci Code is real?

Over at Jesus the Radical Pastor, John Frye asks "Why do people believe the Da Vinci code?" My take on it is that Dan Brown has followed the same formula that so successfully propogates so many urban legends. That is

Props to Randy

The Harbour's blog site has made the big time! TallSkinnyKiwi included a link to it in his most recent posting. Congrats, Randy!


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