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Google Latitude

Google has a fun addition to their map software called Latitude. Basically, it figures out your location, and allows people you specify to see that location on a map.

They've put out a cute "toy" to advertise it. You can see it at

For once, this is an app that works on my phone (Windows Mobile) but NOT on Wendy's iPhone. At least, not yet. She's stuck with using it on her MacBook. ;)

If You Give a Bank a Bailout… « bald man blogging

If You Give a Bank a Bailout… « bald man blogging

Too true. Anyone who's had kids in the last 20 years or so will probably recognise the pattern.

Geek cool calendar date

Forget July 7th, 2007 (07/07/07), August 8th, 2008 (08/08/08) or even the upcoming September 9th, 2009 (09/09/09). Real geeks know that today, at 5:31 PM (well, 30 seconds AFTER that) central time is the REAL date pattern to watch: At that time, the time will be recorded as


Those other dates will happen again in 100 years, but 1234567890 will never happen again.

FDA Approves Depressant Drug for the Annoyingly Cheerful

This video came in on The Onion video feed. The concept was funny enough, but I literally laughed out loud when reading through the list of "symptoms" that can be treated with "Despondex."

Microsoft has gone off the deep end!

This is an actual promo video from Microsoft for a new product called "SongSmith." I'm in awe.

The acting is terrible. The songs are annoying. And this is supposed to make me interested in this product? (I've also heard it mentioned that the laptop the daughter is using is actually a Mac, which isn't supported by the product, but I'm not sure about that.

Prop 8 the Musical

A little late, but ...

[funnyordie c0cf508ff8 464 388]

HT: Rachel McWhirter

Off to Pennsylvania

Tomorrow morning Wendy and I will be boarding a plane headed to Pittsburg. From there we'll begin the drive to the darkest woods of NW Pennsylvania, headed to my home town of Warren. We'll be staying with my aunt and uncle, who have only dialup internet service, so I may be somewhat out of touch for this next week.

New theme

In honor of my upcoming vacation to visit family back home, and because I haven't updated in forever, I've decided to switch the theme on the blog. I do love the beach ... ;)

Definition of a terrorist

The McCain/Palin campaign has been hammering on this non-story about Obama's link to Ayers. But this interview seems to do a good job of throwing it back in their faces. Apparently, to Palin, you're not considered a terrorist unless you target government and military targets, so abortion clinic bombers can't be considered terrorists. You know, I always thought that terrorists were, almost by definition, those who went after civilian targets, to cause more, you know, terror.

And the winner is . . .

Wendy and I watched the presidential debate last night. (Well, I watched it. Wendy slept through part of it because she did not sleep well the night before). It looks to me like John McCain is becoming more and more a caricature of himself that you might see on SNL or The Daily Show, rather than a real political figure. Of course, I'm clearly biased.


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