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President Bush Discusses Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Legislation

President Bush Discusses Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Legislation

Nobody who's read this blog for a while can have many doubts about my feelings on the current president and his policies. Here's another example of what I don't like. The President is pushing for a renewal/beefing up of something called the "Protect America" act which I guess semi-legitimized the illegal surveillance  his administration had done in the past. Now he wants his "get out of jail" card made permanent.

Gotta love Texas politics

[glumbert texasvote]

According to the story above, it's apparently common practice in the Texas legislature to vote multiple times on the same ballot initiative. They use an automated system for casting votes, and, if the desks near your own happen to be unoccupied at the time the vote is called, it's a scramble to see who gets there first to cast some extra votes.

Toy time

Wendy and I have been going a bit overboard recently buying new "toys." OK - I've been going overboard buying toys. Happy, Wendy? ;)

On Saturday I bought the new TiVo HD PVR. It was more work than it should have been to get it "talking" with Comcast, but that was Comcast's fault, not TiVo's. It's working fine now, and I can make sure I never miss another episode of "The Colbert Report". ;)

I'm mad at GE

Those of you who have been to our house may or may not have noticed that we have a haunted refrigerator. I kid you not - when it's quiet in the house, you can hear it moaning in the background. It can be a little creepy when you're in the house alone at night.

Why bad things happen

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Now you know why all sorts of bad things happen. It's those damned gays getting married. Or maybe old people. ;)

And you thought YOU were afraid of clowns ...

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Remarkable Age

This is from the video that Dustin Butler shot during the dress rehearsal of BLT's production of Titanic at Cedar Bayou Junior School on Thursday, July 26th. The song is "Remarkable Age" and I'm the gray-haired guy who starts the song. ;)

There are still two weekends left in the run of the show. Come out and see it! If you've already been, then invite your friends, and/or come back and see it again. We need your support.

Titanic about to sail!

Baytown Little Theater's production of

Bringing the House down!

Normally, "bringing the house down" is a good thing when you're a theater. Not today. At approximately 11:30 this morning, a car drove through the east wall of the Baytown Little Theater building! Here's a cell-phone video of the car being towed out of the building.

iPhone: Will It Blend?

Following up on my recent video trend ...

[glumbert iphoneblend]

These guys sell the blenders they use to destroy things in these videos. I actually think it's a great marketing gimmick. How else are they going to get you to lay out $400.00 for a blender ...


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