I knew I liked this guy ;)

Alan over at "A Different Perspective" has written a comment on the Intelligent Design debate. His comments seem to echo some of my own in the Intelligent Design "section" of my post on the January 16th readings for the Bible in a Year Blog.
Alan was the author who's work I co-opted in my rant on the goings-on between Faith Harbour and SBTC. I've never met him, but he certainly seems to be a thoughtful, intelligent person. I'd recommend giving his site the once-over.

Oh, and Alan, if you read this. You might be interested to know that my wife uses the same theme as you on her blog, though she did change the picture. ;)




I looked around for that theme everywhere (I thought) before selecting it. Now besides the two I recently listed, I've found three or four others using that theme. I'm still looking for a good picture to plug in there. I just like the one that comes with the theme so much!!!

Oh, could you do me a favor and drop the /blog/ from my link? I have a forward set up, but I'm trying to get people to link directly to http://www.alanahartung.com/

And thanks for the plug!