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Gay marriage and the Bible

Today's one year bible reading includes Acts 15, which covers a heated disagreement in the early church over the need for converts to be circumcised. That may not seem to relate to my title, but ...

The council decided not to require circumcision. In the letter they send were these words:

Acts 15:28-29

two or three . net: A Tale of Two Churches

Aaron at one two three . net has posted some thoughts on actions by two different Christian denominations, Presbyterian and Baptist, in A Tale of Two Churches

The Carpetbagger Report » The 'Pledge Protection Act'

BlogWatcher bug with IE

I apologize to those of you who use BlogWatcher from Internet Explorer. I've discovered that there's a bug in the code I added recently for rating posts. Your ratings are in fact being accepted, but it may not appear that way some times.

What's supposed to happen when yo click on one of the rating levels is this:

Close Guantanamo NOW!

I've signed the petition below. We as Americans have no business trying to claim any sort of "moral high ground" while we maintain a prison camp that seems to me to be clearly immoral, if not outright illegal.

Rapid Response: Tell Bush: "End America's Shame - Close Guantanamo NOW! | CrossLeft
We join the National Council of Churches and people of faith and conscience everywhere to urgently call for the United States to close its Guantanamo Bay detention facility without delay.

Tagging posts in BlogWatcher

The changes to BlogWatcher have been completed. There are now two new feeds available on the right side of the subscription page. They are labeled "BlogWatcher Tagged Good Posts" and "BlogWatcher Tagged Posts". The first will include the 20 most recently tagged posts where the average rating is "good" or "very good". The second includes the 20 most recently tagged posts, no matter what the rating (in case you want to see the posts people tagged as "bad."

Christians, sinners and sin

Seeker at two or three . net has written a lengthy but very good article on the Christian response to homosexual people

New BlogWatcher change partially implemented

As there seemed to be some interest in my idea for "tagging" posts in BlogWatcher, I've begun the process of implementing it. Right now, in every post, you should see a graphic indicating the average rating that post has received from all subscribers. If nobody's rated it, then it defaults to neutral. You can also set your own rating.

There are five possible ratings for you to use:

"The Music Man" cast

The cast has been set for "The Music Man" at BLT. I'm "Salesman #1" and in the chorus. (The five salesmen have a choral speaking bit at the beginning of the show.) I was in this same show in High School, and I was one of the salesmen then as well, though I don't remember which number. Once I have a script I'll know if it's the same part or not.

President Discusses Marriage Protection Amendment

OK. I know that President Bush's command of the English language isn't exactly superb, but does this make any sense?


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