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There Are Two Marriages

Tony Jones posted an article on his blog this morning entitled There Are Two Marriages. This is something that Wendy has been espousing for years, and I'm glad to see somebody else bring this up.

Pledges against raising taxes

I went to the website of my representative in Congress, Ted Poe, to voice my opinion on the debt ceiling issue. In the course of reviewing his stand on the issue, I found this quote in the section titled "Taxes/Federal Budget"

Productions plugin: Two steps forward, one step back

I've made a lot of progress on my plugin. All of the content can be created and edited directly within the plugin. Site administrators can add and edit seasons, venues, and plays. They even have the ability to update cast lists, production and audition dates, and upload publicity photos. The only things left to do were to enable the ability to delete some of those items when needed, and then make the code more "generic" so it would work on another server, instead of only on my specific server.

Or so I thought.

Productions plugin updated

Time for another updated on my Wordpress theater productions plugin.

I've now got it to the point where it can work with either PostgreSQL (which the original application was coded with) OR the MySQL database that runs the Wordpress installation. I happen to prefer PostgreSQL, which is of course why I wrote the original app that way in the first place. However, running against MySQL has the distinct advantage of being much easier for a non-technical person to set up on a new blog.

MinnPost - Braublog: Presbyterian Laymen ad rejected

My first Wordpress plugin

I've been using Wordpress for handling my (dormant) blog for a while now. I've also been hosting the website for Baytown Little Theater, but the content was managed using just HTML. I had a database of productions that was visible on the site, but it was all handled with custom PHP code and. PostgreSQL.

We're moving!

I know it's been a long time since I updated this thing. Maybe I need to try to make this a discipline to update more regularly.

Anyway, the reason for this post ...

We're moving to New Jersey!

Wendy has accepted a call to be the new Regional Presbyter for the Presbyteries of Monmouth and New Brunswick, in central New Jersey. The formal vote making it all "final and official" will be July 20th. We plan on moving out some time around Labor Day weekend.

Test post from my iPad

This is just a test post, trying out the WordPress app for my iPad. Seems to work pretty well.

Testing posting from my phone

This is just a test post from my new Google Nexus One phone.

I can't resist:

This isn't the Droid you're looking for. ;)

The dangers of high fructose corn syrup


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