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Obama's priorities

Those who know me well know I'm about as liberal as they come. So, ready for a surprise? Here's a link to the Republican National Committee that I recommend you read. Why? Because it's a great place to read about many of Barak Obama's priorities.

Hot chicks dig Obama

Apparently, the newest McCain ad in the "Obama as celebrity" series is out:

Part of why I love community theater

I have a confession to make. As one of the directors of "Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes" at Baytown Little Theater, part of my job is to remind the actors always to check on their props and costumes before the show, so they don't get a surprise during the show. Well, guess, what? I should have heeded my own advise. I've had to take a small on-stage role in the show, in addition to directing.

Fire(wall) ants?

Ants swarm over Houston area, fouling electronics - Yahoo! News

I guess fire ants aren't bad enough. Apparently, we now have a new type of ant in our area. According to the article, they've been around since 2002, but this is the first I've heard of them. They're called "Crazy Rasberry Ants" believe it or not.

They eat fire ants (good), they don't sting (good), but they do bite (bad) and they apparently like to munch on electronics (very bad) and are resistant to most anti-ant technology.

Dive photos

I got to do some diving on our recent trip to Cabo San Lucas. These photos are from the first trip, out to Cabo Pulmo. I'll get to the others a bit later maybe. These were all taken by me with my newest toy, an Olympus UZ-560 digital camera (8mp, 18x optical zoom!) in an underwater housing.

Amadeus is in the books

Well, Amadeus is finished

We had our last performance Saturday night. The last night of a show can sometimes be a letdown, but I honestly think it was the best performance of the entire run. Especially the first act. I think everyone was nailing it that night. I know I could feel it, and I think the audience could as well. Which is great, since my parents had flown in from Florida for the show, and my daughter had driven in from Denton.


I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. I don't have a particulary good excuse -- just never got around to writing. But now, at least, I have some exciting news to report.

I'm a real Texan now

OK. It's official. I'm a Texan. I'm now the proud owner of a brand new 4x4 pickup truck! Though, I suppose to be truly authentic, it should have been an American made truck. But this will do. It's a 2008 Nissan Frontier. The only thing missing is a gun rack, but I suspect Wendy would divorce me if I even attempted to have one put in. ;)

Ave Q, anyone?

Avenue Q (2003 Original Broadway Cast)Wendy and I find ourselves with one extra ticket for "

A visitor

Yesterday was a very unusual day. The temperature inside the house was cooler than the temperature outside the house. So Wendy and I decided to open a few windows to get some fresh air (well, as fresh as Baytown gets, anyway) circulating through the house. But when I raised the blinds in the kitchen to get to the window, I saw that I can caught a "friend."


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